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Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

17 hours to go, 17 hours to go…

After twenty- hours on the train do we feel the same way? The lack of space is beginning to grate and constant movement of people through the carriages mean you have to squeeze your body up to the wall of the train if you are sat on the seats. The toilet has now turned into a festival toilet with the flush (flap opens underneath) no longer working. It is now clear what the large stick in the toilet room is for. Regarding eating and how the Chinese eat; they eat extremely noisily and they eat lots. Last night someone spent 2 hours eating nuts loudly. They slurp their noodles and chomp. They also suck their food rather than chew it. Now to the Chinese this is normal at least from the men but to our British ears every morsel that people swash, suck, swish or crunch is like an anvil being smashed right next to your ear drum.

The regimental regime: lights out at 10pm leaving the carriage dark. There are no reading lights either. Luckily we had just climbed into our bunk and sorted out our coats and food in order to sleep. The food cart finally stopped, which was indeed a positive as despite her constant hollering as if she was a market stall worker no-one appeared to buy anything from her. She stopped until 6am when the lights were turned on and the music turned up to wake you and the atmosphere once again returned to that of a local market. On the plus side the attendants wake you prior to your stop during the night. Positive for those getting up but not so for the unfortunate people who still had 26hours to go on the trip. This is because the Chinese seem unable to talk quietly, no matter the time of the day. Answering the phone is greeted by a loud grunt, talking to the person next to you is loud enough for all to hear and waking someone up must be done in a shrill way. Maybe I am generalising a bit. Here’s another generalisation it is usually the men who are loud and have poor eating habits.

But still it gets you to your destination and if you can avoid the toilet and occupy yourself in the small cramped seat it’s ok. Now the scenery is no longer a smog filled landscape, having been replaced by the distinct Chinese humped hills it means you are seeing something of the country, which is the whole point of the trip.

Posted from Loudi, Hunan, China.

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    When in Rome……….. 2 billion asians cant be wrong.

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