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6 Months of Travelling: What Next?

Today we have been backpacking for 6 months! It doesn’t feel like 6 months and still it feels totally normal to go from city to city, hotel to hotel, constantly on the move. No work, no responsibilities, no need to do anything. Everything is our choice.

Of the last 6 months, 2 have been spent in Nepal. We spent 5 weeks in Thailand and thought that was a long time, tomorrow will mark 9 weeks in Nepal! In fact, we’ve spent 39 days in the mountains trekking. That’s more time spent trekking than the total time we’ve spent in any other country. We did north to south of Vietnam in only 3 weeks. The main parts of the Philippines in 25 days and Cambodia in only 8 days. So, I guess that means we’ve enjoyed our time in Nepal? The answer is mainly yes. There are many things in Nepal which we have disliked, but the trekking makes up for that and more. The mountain scenery has been stunning. We have set new records for ourselves, highest altitude on solid ground, 5,416m above sea level, highest altitude for sleeping, 4,540m above sea level, longest walk we’ve completed, 19 straight days.

In a few weeks we’ll hit the midpoint of the journey, so, what lies ahead? Where next? In a few days we go back to Kathmandu and organise a one way trip from Kathmandu to Lhasa in Tibet, hopefully via Everest Base Camp (on the north side in China). This is tricky because the restrictions on travel in Tibet are numerous, but we should be able to get the visa with enough patience (and money). After Tibet we’ll take a 44 hour train journey to Chengdu in China to see the pandas and then spend a few weeks in southern China heading for Hong Kong. Hong Kong will be expensive so our stay there will be short and hopefully we can get back into China and travel north along the pacific coast. Then it’s a ferry to South Korea, then another ferry to Japan where we’ll hopefully have a good time travelling the length and breadth of the country (plus some trekking in the Japanese Alps).

After Japan things are a little hazy but the general idea is to fly to Malaysia and head south onto Borneo, then into Indonesia, maybe a quick spot of sightseeing in Australia (but leave the travelling for another time) and get into New Zealand for more trekking before Christmas.

The next 7 months looks just as busy and packed as the last 6 months! The countries will also be getting more developed, richer and unfortunately more expensive from here on. Let’s see how far the money gets us…

Posted from Pokhara, Western Region, Nepal.


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    Hi guys, congratulations on your 6 month travelling anniversary!
    We have spent the last few weeks reading all of your Bloggs and have really enjoyed it.
    Try to stay positive (sounds like there have been some irritating moments for you)- we are all very jealous of you back here in sunny Yorkshire!
    Take care,
    Matt and Nic x

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      Thanks very much. We are readying to leave Nepal as it is too hot and muggy to do anything. Plus due to power cuts here air-conditioning doesn’t really exist. The daytime temperature hits 35’c but feels like 40’c and it is so hazy we can’t see anything.

      We also have to get to China as we have about 5kg of extra items we need to post.

      Annemarie and Andrew xx

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    Congratulations on your 6 month anniversary, I’ve really enjoyed reading all your moans n winges along the way and am looking forward to many more :o) x

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    Well done! It all sounds amazing. Like your dad we will have a cake to celebrate!! No doubt you will make up for the lack of one eventually, dark chocolate eh Andrew? xx

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    • Andrew

      I may have already exceeded my cake quota…

      But I had a caramel covered chocolate brownie with chocolate ice cream. Delicious!

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    P.s We would like to see more of the duck! x

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    • Andrew

      The duck is very shy, but with your encouragement there may be more sightings.

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