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8 Months of Travelling

Today marks 8 months since we set off from the UK. It’s also the day that we have now used all the major forms of transport to get around. We’ve used buses, trains (lots of trains), planes, cars, small passenger boats and as of today ships. Yup, day 243 marks, 8 full months on the go and we are spending it on a ship in the East China Sea, just a bit below South Korea.

The last month or so has been a series of highs and lows. Coming from Tibet we were on quite a high and this continued in Chengdu. Xi’an, was a disappointment and we really didn’t like it there. Then we took a 5 day detour to Hong Kong to get a new Chinese visa which was an expensive but pretty good detour. Coming back north to Shanghai was a low point. Shanghai is hugely overrated and really not very interesting compared to other places in China. It was a genetic modern city which could be anywhere in the world. Hangzhou was hot, way to hot for our comfort. We walked around the lake but saw very little and sweated a few gallons! Probably better to see in autumn than mid summer. Huangshan was one of the best sights we’ve seen on China and loved it. Followed by Suzhou which was yet another overrated disappointment. Beijing was great, we loved our stay there and saw some amazing temples, plus the Great Wall, which was a highlight of the whole trip. Tai’Shan was a good walk and a real achievement. Followed by Qingdao and the ferry to Japan.

And how are we coping with the travelling? Well, I think the weight we lost in Nepal has been regained in China. The food on China is very greasy and everything has a layer of oil on it. The meat is usually a very cheap cut and is as much fat as meat. Not to mention the dumplings. They are delicious but the pork is incredibly fatty and the juice inside is just water, fat and oil. Japan is known for healthy eating so hopefully we’ll eat much better and get rid of this extra weight.

I’m not sure if it’s the food, China getting to us, or just travel boredom but recently we’ve both been sleeping later and finding it harder to get out of bed. The day after Tai’Shan I slept until 11:30am and we often have trouble just getting out of bed at 8am. This never happened at the beginning of the trip. Maybe we were just getting travel weary…

The month ahead looks great! We’re both very excited about Japan. It has everything we like. There’s lots of historical places to see. An excellent outdoor scene with mountains to climb, forests to roam, hikes through varied landscapes, etc. A few interesting cities to visit (and many famous but boring ones to avoid). Japan is going to cost a lot but will hopefully be worth it. Only the food worries us oh and the weather will be pretty bad too. The Japanese eat sea food. Lots of it! They eat just about anything that lives in the sea, whereas we generally don’t! Watch this space…

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    You should definitely stay in a capsule hotel while you’re there, and try a cat cafe.

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