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Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

88 Snack, Lijiang

Another day and another good restaurant choice. It was recommended by the hostel staff as a place the locals eat. As we stood outside a staff member at the door called out “English menu”, never a good sign that this is where the locals eat.

But when we entered it was full and not with westerners. The place was a little dirty but acceptable.

We spent a while flicking through the menu (all the menu’s in China are about 30 pages) and deciding what to eat takes a while. The menus are so huge because they are all pictures, a thin menu is a bad idea as it’ll all be text and we won’t know what we ordered.

Naxi style rice, Naxi twice cooked pork and a side dish of veg (potatoes and green peppers). Very nice.


Annemarie at the 88 Snack in Lijiang

Posted from Lijiang, Yunnan, China.

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    Take a photo of the text on the menu for each dish you like, then when you are at a “no picture” restaurant you can look for the matching text. Bit like pictionary for the western diner. 🙂

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