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Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

A few of our favourite things…

We both really like to go for a walk and see the countryside or cityscapes. Prior to setting off on this adventure we had hoped to spend multiple days trekking. So far on the trip the highlights, of which there have only been a handful, are to do with walking or cycling. Our trek through Tiger Leaping Gorge and cycling around Angkor. We want to do much more because it is relaxing being away from the touts and you get to enjoy the scenery.

We are currently in Thailand, a country full of national parks and forests. We were excited by the possibility to walk through lush rainforests and dodging the leeches. It appears we were wrong! To go trekking requires a guide and usually transport to get you to the trails. Why don’t we go on our own? Two reasons, namely landmines and also a lack of maps. Asian people don’t seem to feel the need for a good OS map. On top of that the treks that are available in the region of Chiang Mai consist of about 2 hours walking, an elephant ride, lunch and rafting for £20 per person. Not exactly cheap nor does it really contain any walking.

I know that in Nepal, Japan, Taiwan , Australia and New Zealand we will be doing lots of walking but I really want to do some more of my favourite things without paying over the odds for it.

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