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A Nice Meal in Kunming

Since arriving in China finding really nice food has been harder than expected. This is for a number of reasons, mainly our reluctance to eat different parts of the animal, eat different animals (especially when it comes to seafood), try many of the sauces and also eat in places which don’t have a menu with pictures.

We did try to order in a restaurant yesterday which didn’t have pictures in the menu. That was a total failure and what we ended up with was not nice at all.

But today that changed. We finally went into a restaurant which had some very nice looking food. It also had pineapple rice, which came in a pineapple.


The rice was cooked inside the pineapple which had been hollowed out. Sine wild rice, normal rice and something to give it a pink color. It might have been a dessert but we ate it with our main anyway.

The rest of the meal was good too. Nice cuts of beef in a really good sauce. Plenty of chillies too, but they had s good flavor and weren’t too hot. In fact most of the chilli dishes have been OK until we drink the tea, that makes it burn.


Posted from Kunming, Yunnan, China.


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    You are supposed to be trying different foods – like dog ! thought that’s what this trip was all about – experiencing different cultures.

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    Lovely photograph Anne Marie. Hope you get lucky with more nice food as you travel around

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