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A Walk Through Kunming

After a few days of resting and planning today we decided we would walk to Golden Temple Park. We knew it would be a good distance but the buses just seem like s huge hassle here and aren’t much quicker.

After a couple of hours walking we reached the park. The park had a huge entrance and ticket booths. Tickets to walk in a park, well I suppose there are a few parks and estates that you pay to walk around so that’s fine. The price at the ticket booth was 150 Yuan each. To put that in context a meal for two with drinks in a reasonable restaurant around here costs us about 80 Yuan. So this park was 4 times the price of an evening meal for two! £30 to enter the park was just too much, so we decided to walk around the edge, maybe we could see the golden temple from the side. Well… We walked quite some distance around the side but got no view of the temple and no way to enter without paying the huge fee.

On the plus side we had a long walk which we needed to start building some muscle and acclimatise to walking at this altitude. In a few days we have to walk Tiger Leaping Gorge which is going to be tough and is probably another 500m higher than here.

Another plus was this:
On the way back we saw a small vendor selling fried potatoes. They looked so good we just had buy some. 4 Yuan (40p) bought us the best food we have eaten on this trip so far. Fried baby potatoes, dried chillies, coriander and something like paprika, mixed with a touch of water. Delicious and so simple.

Our hostel tells us to save water (generally a good idea anyway) as there are sometimes water shortages in Yunnan and the water supply is cutoff. The water shortages are probably caused by these trucks:
Which spray the roads with water. The roads around here do seem to get very dusty and the water will help, but just wetting the road is a bit extreme. A few days ago one of these trucks was driving up Beijing Road in Kunming spraying at full pelt, luckily the driver used the horn lots and we saw it coming, but we still had to run quite far and fast to avoid getting soaked as we walked down the side of the road.

Speaking of water – today we drank 7 0.5L bottles of water. Luckily a bottle can be bought for 1 Yuan (10p). Slightly worried about water supply when we do some hikes as tap water is undrinkable and we usually drink about 2L each on a 6 hour hike.

Here’s the overview of our walk. 15 miles in total:


Posted from Kunming, Yunnan, China.

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