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Absolutely Shattered

After our last trek in Nepal we had quite a lazy time. We had just over a week sitting around in Kathmandu waiting for the Tibet tour. Then on the Tibet tour we were mainly sat on a bus all day, with a few short excursions. Followed by 46hrs sitting on a train to Chengdu. So when we arrived in Chengdu getting back into a sight seeing routine has taken its toll on us.

Our first morning in Chengdu I slept until 11am. Oops. So we spent all day wandering around the city. The next day we were up at 7am to get the train to Mount Qingcheng, which we climbed. Then the bus to the Dujiangyan irrigation system, which we spent all afternoon walking around, and finally got back to Chengdu around 8pm. The next day we were up at 7am again to go see the pandas.

Then we had a 3 day tour to Jiuzhaigou, which meant getting up at 3:45am to leave at 4am. We finally arrived at 9pm. The next morning we were up at 7am and spent 7hrs walking around the national park. Then the final day we were up at 5:45am to leave at just after 6am.

Today I was able to sleep a bit longer and we board the train to Xi’an at 1pm. It’s a sleeper train and we arrive at 6am tomorrow. Hopefully I can spend the afternoon resting and catching up with blog posts.

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