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Chiang Mai: Gardens & 3D Fun

Our final day in Chiang Mai and the first order of  business for the day is to get bus tickets for tomorrow to Sukhothai. Most of the hotels and tour companies around us sell the tickets for about 380 baht. We’ve looked online and know the price is 240 baht, so we decide to hire a moped and go to the bus station and buy the tickets directly (for some reason in almost every Asian city we’ve been to the bus station is always located miles away from the city centre). The cost of the moped is about equal to the savings, but now we have a bike to get around and see some sights.

The first place we decide to visit is the gardens of Bhubing Palace, which is most of the way up Doi Suthep (the mountain next to Chiang Mai). We had passed it a few days earlier but at 3:30pm they weren’t allowing new visitors, today we got there nice and early. 50 baht each (90p) got us into the gardens which are over 2km in length and are a very colourful sight.






We spent about 2 hours walking around the gardens and eating lunch. Our next destination was the Art in Paradise gallery, which looked like an interesting way to kill a few hours. The price was pretty steep at 300 baht each (£5.60) and we were slightly worried that it wouldn’t be worth what we’d just paid. We needn’t have worried as the gallery turned out to be a great way to spend a few hours and Annemarie especially was enjoying herself, immersing herself into the pictures.






She surfed:

Was almost eaten by a bear:

Finished the Mona Lisa:

Traversed a huge waterfall on a rickety walkway:

Flew on a magic carpet:


And many more, which you can see here.

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    That’s not a bear, that’s King Kong. Its the opposing thumbs that set us apart…. well, most of us.

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