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Dali: Our Arrival

We arrived in Dali and stayed at the Jade Emu hostel. Our arrival was not as smooth as expected. We had read that the number 8 bus will drive up the main highway past the west gate, when we see the gate we get off the bus and within a few minutes on the road we’ll see the hostel.

Well the bus has changed route and now terminates at the other side of town (in the north east and the hostel is in the south west). So we were kicked off the bus in a totally unknown location (my phone which usually has maps cached let me down for the first time), all we could do was walk down the road until we saw a map or a landmark.

Finally we found a map and it showed we were by the north gate, the hostel is near the west gate and a fair bit south. The walk was easy, all on the flat and pretty much one road straight through town until we reached Wuhua Tower, which is a pretty big landmark, then turn right up the slope to the hostel.

As we walked up the slope we met an Aussie bloke who pointed us towards the hostel and gave some advice on what to see and do.

I guess every cloud has a silver lining…

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