AnneMarie and Andrew

Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

Day One – Setting the Tone

Day one is now complete and probably sets the tone for things to come. It started with a 1am departure from Leeds on the Megabus to London, it’s great value but it’s hot, sweaty and very difficult to sleep. We arrived in London at 6am and had a couple of hours to wait for the next bus, so whilst half asleep we decided to go and find somewhere for breakfast. We found a deserted sports bar had a reasonable full english. As this was our last meal in the UK for probably a long time we had the full works. Then it was back to Victoria bus station for the next Megabus to Cologne. Sitting back on a coach and relaxing whilst moving at a steady speed sounds great, but we soon found that with our body clocks wrecked by the overnight bus most of this trip would be taken up napping. Slowly cramp, boredom and lack of sleep lulled us into a trance of constant snoozing, wake, have a drink, work out where we were, then snooze again.

The Megabus is mega for value but not so mega for stopping locations. The dropoff point in Cologne is near the stadium, a little over a mile from the city centre and the train station. So, at 10:30 pm, in the dark, raining and with no directions, we set off to find the city centre. We are still weak and although the bags only weigh 13kg they feel far worse. Luckily we quickly found a sign post which gave us an approximate direction. We head in the direction and after about 5 minutes see the Dom in the distance. About another 15 minutes and the rain is now coming down rather heavily and we reach the station. We now have about 2 hours to wait for our overnight train took Warsaw.

We have a number of incomplete tasks which require internet access, so we head for McDonalds as they always have free WiFi (plus we are quite hungry). I quickly connected to the WiFi which requested my country and mobile number in order for a PIN to be sent to me giving me access to the WiFi. The SMS never arrived. Neither did one for Annemarie’s phone. I chose McDonald’s for the internet and now I’m left with no WIFI and a mediocre meal.

The night train to Warsaw arrived on time and we boarded without issue. We found our compartment, in pitch black and the door locked. A bit of knocking and heaving and banging and a face appeared from one of the dark bunks and unlocked the door. We went in quietly and decided we had no option but to go to sleep. This was surprisingly easy and we were both soon fast asleep and rumbling across Europe again.

Many small annoyances in just one day; tired from odd hours of travel and sitting all day on a cramped bus, more snoozing than I’ve probably done all year, walking across an unfamiliar city lugging a ton on my back, and then soundly to sleep and on the move again. I guess this is what the next year will like…

Posted from Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.


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    Tut, day 1 and you’ve already hit McD’s =).

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    All the best Mr Smith, was looking forward to catching up with you before you leave. But I shall be checking up here regularly for progress.

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    The free wifi is just there to lure you in :-)!! x

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