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Five Months of Travelling: Time for a Break

At the end of December, 3 months ago, we were given a piece of advice by a couple who had travelled around the world many years ago. They said that at some point we would have to take a break, in effect a holiday from travelling. They said that if we didn’t take a break would we get tired and bored of travelling. Well, we have now reached that point. We have been travelling for five full months (152 days) and we’ve covered over 17,000 miles in that time. In the last month we have spent 20 days trekking in Nepal and that has really taken our energy away.

We have had lazy days and the odd day here and there where we have done nothing but even then we have had our next move on our minds. But this time we plan a true break; 7 days in Pokhara doing nothing but relaxing. We are too tired to contemplate the next trek, at this point in time we’re almost ready to leave Nepal, we don’t feel like any more trekking. That is probably just weariness kicking in and a rest should get us ready for the next trek and back into the right frame of mind.

As I look back over the last few months it has been rather busy. We’ve been in Nepal one month and completed two treks totalling 20 days, most of the time between the treks was planning or buying equipment for the treks. Before Nepal, in the Philippines, we were usually occupied, the rice terraces included plenty of walking, lots to see and a few hair raising bus journeys. Before the Philippines we had 5 weeks in Thailand, most of which was a constant sightseeing trip with little rest. So far 2014 seems to have flown by…

Posted from Pokhara, Western Region, Nepal.

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