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Happy Four Months of Travelling

Our first day in Nepal also marked four full months of travelling. During those 4 months we have seen a bit of China,  travelled the length of Vietnam, a week through Cambodia, over a month in Thailand and almost a month in the Philippines.

With the scenery and cityscapes changing around us every week or so we are now used to leaving a place just as we get to know it. Yet so far this constant change has not made us travel weary. It (strangely) feels totally natural and not worth a moments consideration. Buses and train journeys taking almost all the daylight hours are now a usual fixture in our lives. Our two main preoccupations are where to eat and what to do, those remain constant no matter where we are.

So far on this trip our favourite locations have been in countries which as a whole we have disliked. Lijiang in China was a beautiful old city high in the mountains in southern China, we loved it there, yet China as a whole we didn’t like so much and struggled lots, especially with food. We also really liked the rice terraces and Sagada, both in the northern Philippines. Yet in the Philippines we thought the country was extremely polluted, noisy, backwards and dangerous. Both countries could do a lot more to make it easier and better for tourists, neither reaching anywhere its potential, yet both containing our favourite places of the trip. What marks these two places out? Well, they both have fresh air, scenery, laid back atmosphere, good food and walking nearby. Those seem to be what the features we like most about places. Therefore, we eagerly anticipate Nepal.

Nepal is hopefully going to be a highlight of the trip and certainly not a time to be getting travel weary. In a few days time we set off for our first planned hike, up the Langtang Valley. This is about 10 days trekking up the valley and will take us to about 4,000 metres above sea level. This is just a warmup for the more serious and longer treks in the Annapurna region. We plan to leave Nepal around the 28th April, having spent 2 full months in the country. I think that by the time we reach 6 months of travelling (roughly the midpoint of the journey) we will want a rest.

Posted from Kathmandu, Central Region, Nepal.

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