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Happy New Year

2014 has arrived here in Bangkok.


We saw the new year in at Centralworld plaza surrounded by an estimated 100,000 people. There was a real party atmosphere, DJs on the stage, people dancing, and everything from mouse ears to devils horns with coloured lights in. The only thing missing was alcohol, that was pretty hard to find, but the nearby 7/11 was doing a roaring trade in booze, so we grabbed a few (small) bottles of wine each and quickly headed back to the party. When the big moment finally came and the fireworks started the area looked great, unfortunately the fireworks only lasted as minute or so. It was still worth it for the atmosphere though.

2014 will be one hell of a year for us. If everything goes to plan we will spend the entire year travelling. That’s a whole year ahead of us with no work, just the fun of travelling and exploring new places. What more could you ask for (other then winning the lottery and travelling in style)? I guess the year will have its ups and downs, but on average the ups will win and it should be a fantastic year leaving us with many memories (and photos).

So happy new year from both of us!

And we hope that wherever you are and whatever you do it’s a good year for you too.

All our new year pictures can be seen here.

Posted from Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand.

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    what would be the fun of traveling in style? although it would be nice to win the lottery! Happy New Year with lots of fun and wonderful experiences!

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