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Hoi An: Bike Ride

Hoi An isn’t far from the coast, only a mile or so. Not surprising considering Hoi An was once one of the most important trading ports in south east Asia.

In the morning we wandered around Hoi An seeing the ‘ancient’ houses, meeting places and temples but in the afternoon we hired a bicycle each (95p in total) and decided to head for the sea.

The river splits a lot when it nears the sea so we had to take a bit of a detour to get to the sea. I had attempted to cycle along the river bank but we ended up seeing some interesting sights such as reeds been cut and dried, small villages and a very expensive part of town.

It took an hour to do the 8 miles to the coast and about the same time to do the 6 miles back. Amusingly, it turns out that the road by the hotel goes directly to the beach, dead straight and easy.





Posted from tp. Hội An, Quang Nam province, Vietnam.

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