AnneMarie and Andrew

Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

Kunming to Lijiang

We took the K9618 from Kunming railway station to Lijiang. It left Kunming at 10am and arrived (on time) at Lijiang at 18:55.

We had 9 hours in what is deemed hard seats. 89 Yuan each (£9). Not bad for covering 300 miles.


Timetable of K9618 – Kunming – Lijiang.

The strange thing was instead of getting seats we got the same sleeper carriage as we had for the overnight from Beijing. But this time everyone sat on the lower bunk and used the upper bunks for storage. It was a bit cramped and quite noisy but not bad. The only issue is the name hard seat, it ain’t kidding. After 9 hours (maybe even after the first) our backsides were numb and it was starting to hurt. I’m glad I listened to Annemarie as I was going to pick these for the 36 hours from Beijing to Kunming, that would have been agony!

The scenery was very good too.




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