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Lijiang: Old Town

Yesterday we spent most of the day wandering the narrow streets of the old town of Lijiang.

The contrast between the old and new towns couldn’t be greater. The new town is horrible, plain white buildings with no charterer, big busy roads and not much else. The old town on the other hand is great, the old buildings have character and the streets are narrow, winding, smooth from millions of footsteps and often have a stream running beside or under them.



We visited Mu’s Palace. It was a bit pricey and not really worth the entrance fee; Only a couple of signs in English and apart from looking at some OK buildings that was it. We saw a better temple complex in Kunming for a tenth of the price. At the rear of the palace is Lion Hill which we climbed to reach Wangu Pavilion. The view over the old town from the 5th floor of the pavilion made the entrance fee (which was another 50 Yuan each) worth it.







Posted from Lijiang, Yunnan, China.

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