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Massage in the street

On the way back from the park we saw a few blind people at the side of the street wearing white jackets, like a doctor. I remembered seeing something similar from Michael Palin’s travels in China and him getting a massage in the street.

Well today I gave it a go. The guy took about 25 minutes and did my head, neck, back, arms, fingers and legs. Very thorough!

I was pulling quite a few faces of pain. A few other people were also having a massage and just sat there plain faced whilst they were bent, twisted, hit, squeezed and prodded. They can’t have had the stress I’ve had…

His fingers were so strong, I thought he might snap my neck (wondered if Annemarie had slipped him some extra cash). He prodded and hit all over but by the end I felt great. I walked away feeling like I was walking on air.

I’ll be doing this more often from now on. Especially after some of the hikes we have planned.

20131118 151728

20131118_151728, a photo by Andrew and Annemarie on Flickr.


Posted from Kunming, Yunnan, China.

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