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New Zealand Here We Come… Slowly

A couple of days ago we applied for the New Zealand working holiday visa.

I had to apply before I was 30, which is the end of December this year, and we have one year to enter the country after the date of issue. So we planned to leave it until mid December to give ourselves as much flexibility as possible for next year.

Well, the powers that be have granted us permission to come and work in New Zealand for up to one year. Yay.

The other good news is the visa allows me to setup my own company, thus allowing me to continue the same type of work as in the UK. Let’s hope some jobs are available when we hit the country in 12 months time.


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    Good news. Slightly boo that there’s now absolutely no chance of you returning to England for another 2 years though!

    Why do you have to apply before you’re 30?

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    • Andrew

      The visa is much less restrictive than all the others. It requires no background checks, no medical, small amounts of money, no points based assessment. It simply allows young people to come and give New Zealand a go.

      Older people require a proper visa which is very strict on entry criteria, costs loads and takes ages to get approval due to medicals, background checks, etc.

      The cutoff of 30 is to ensure they only get young people coming into the country to work.

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        And we have to release our pet poms back into the wild once they reach 35, so to get your monies worth you need them house trained before 30

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    That’s actually pretty cool.

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    • Andrew

      I hope you’re referring to the visa and not the feral Brits roaming New Zealand.

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