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Nong Khai

Our stay in Nong Khai wasn’t much to write home about and can be summed up pretty quickly.

The first day we slept until 2pm then decided not to go to Laos. We walked to the banks of the Mekong river and looked over at Laos. Then went to find somewhere to eat which took ages. By then it was 8pm and we had a 45 min walk back to the hotel.

The next day we walked to the train station, booked the train ticket, walked back to the hotel and booked the flight to Manila and an overnight stop in Bangkok. We then walked to the riverside again and found a cafe filled with Europeans. The food was expensive but good. Then in the full heat of mid afternoon when the mercury was showing 37 degrees we walked to a park. It was boiling and the heat was really taking its toll, we were walking very slowly. When we finally reached the park we found it abandoned. The paths had been ripped up, the lakes half empty and stagnant and no flowers or bushes in sight, just a few trees remained. We then walked back to the hotel to shower and rest before going out to eat.

That night we decided to try and find where the locals ate. Wikitravel gave a rough location but that would mean about an hour walk from the hotel, so we headed for the expat area (in Thailand there are many older European men with young Thai women, but in Nong Khai almost every European guy was with a Thai woman, so when I say expat I usually mean old white man with young Thai woman), but found it full of tacky bars or horrible looking restaurants. Nothing took our fancy so we kept on walking heading for the local food places. I say places because I’m not sure of the best word to describe them; food is usually cooked inside but all the tables are on the street. We found one and sat down. The meal was about the same as usual, a reasonable taste, filling and cost about 80p (we take our own water as it’s far cheaper).

By the time we reached our final day we were determined to see something of Nong Khai. Our first two days had resulted in us seeing nothing of interest. The top thing to do in Nong Khai is to visit a sculpture park, filled with huge sculptures created by a guy who was kicked out of Laos for doing the same there. The sculptures are huge and very interesting. They offer an alternative interpretation of Buddha and the teaching’s and life of Buddha. At least I think they did, I might have been reading them totally incorrectly…





All our photos from the day can be viewed here.

Posted from Mi Chai, Nong Khai, Thailand.

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