AnneMarie and Andrew

Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

Our top picks and thoughts on travelling

Annemarie’s List

1. Thorung-La Pass, Nepal
2. Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal
3. Tibet. How could I have forgotten this beautiful place.
4. Huangshan, China
5. Japanese Alps
6. Angkor, Cambodia

These are the most memorable places on the trip. Despite disliking many things about Nepal, namely being constantly ill and the fear of death on the roads/lack of roads, the scenery was spectacular and we met some great people. Angkor was also a real highlight, it was somewhere that I had always wanted to go to. I have learnt a lot from this experience namely that I do like going places and seeing the world. Also, I like having something to do and I don’t like relaxing, which I already knew. I have learnt about what I want from a trip and that is to see the natural world for the most part. I have preferred the mountains over the cities. I have enjoyed walking through the differing landscapes over the temples and other types of architecture. I have enjoyed learning about the history of the places. Travelling and seeing the world means different things to differing people. For me, as someone who is interested in anthropology this was a good way to explore this interest. I found people are basically the same and have a similar history despite the distances. Trading built the world we live in today. I have also come away with a greater understanding of how significant WW2 was in creating the world we live in. For those on the victors side many turned to Communism and the effects are still present today. For those who were destroyed by war, namely Japan, an alliance with America meant they prospered.  I also found out that I wasn’t quite ready to move away from the UK as yet. The Europeancentric bias that I have probably made the journey less enjoyable in some places than it could have been. Then again maybe some places are just overrated but you don’t know until you have been.

Will I travel again? Yes, as I want to see many other places with Europe being he next focus. I then want to go to Australia to work at some point and then buy a nice house with a vegetable patch in New Zealand. When will this happen? I don’t know but so far in my life I have always accomplished what I set out to do. Maybe I’ll also get a pet sheep as New Zealand has lots of them too.

I completely forgot about our journey to Tibet. It is a magical place, full of great beauty. The traditional buildings AIT majestically amongst the dull browns of the plateau. Inside, a wealth of colour overwhelms you with the deep reds, blues and yellows painted all over he wall. I am so glad I went to this part of the world.

Andrew’s List

1. Huangshan, China
2. Japanese Alps
3. Thorung-La Pass, Nepal
4. Sagada, Philippines
5. Tiger Leaping Gorge, China


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    I love how much Andrew has to say about his list. Will he be expanding on his choices at all, or is this all we get?

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    • Avatar

      I did ask him to explain his choices but he said he was writing it later.

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    • Andrew

      Well, I was going to write my top places at the end of the trip. Plus Annemarie wrote this and asked me for my choices but little other detail. I’ll expand later…

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        Andrew, interested in your comment about not being ready to move away from the uk, explain…. I’m immensely jealous of the experiences you’ve had but similarly don’t yet detest my homeland to move away, I always thought you were less sentimental

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          I wrote the post. We haven’t seen enough of Europe and the pull of a job back in Liverpool.

          I don’t think you need to dislike a place to move away, it all depends what you want from life. Some people are happy staying in one place for their whole life. I don’t ever invisage doing that when there is a whole world to explore.

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