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Photo Time – Our Photographer


Since arriving in Beijing we have had the experience of people wanting a photo of us. People want to pose with us or just snap a shot. Neither of us were expecting this especially after the Olympics but it appears that they haven’t seen many blonde haired women in China. I suppose on the plus side at least most of them ask us if they can take a photo and usually don’t if we say no.

However, in other countries the request for a photo is often a scam to pick your pockets. But they will usually want a photo with you, then empty your pockets whilst hugging for the picture.

Posted from Beijing, Beijing, China.


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    They have a thing for white people, especially blonde, and even more especially tattooed in China and Thailand.

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    I knew you will always be the local celebrity, remember to give them autograph as well.

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    ur not blonde ur ginger 😉

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      Haha. People with ginger hair do not think so 🙂

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