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Plan for the next month or so

There are currently a number of dates which dictate what we do and how long we have to do it:

  • Our Vietnamese visa allows is entry on the 26th November to 26th December.
  • Christmas
  • Our Thai visa forces us to enter Thailand before 6th January.

    So with these dates in mind this is the current plan.

    We are in Lijiang until Monday, then we travel down to Dali for a few days. From Dali we then travel back to Kunming to get the bus to Hekou which is where the border to Vietnam is.

    Once in Vietnam – the town on the Vietnamese side is called Lao Cai – we take the bus to Sa Pa. A couple of days to trek around the paddy fields there then down to Hanoi.

    We then have about three weeks to travel the length of Vietnam. A week before Christmas we enter Cambodia and spend a few nights in Phnom Penh. Then just before Christmas we go to Siem Reap and book a nice hotel for about 5 nights. Siem Reap is the city next to Angkor Wat, so Christmas should be good.

    Between Christmas and new year (and my birthday) we’ll go to Thailand, to Bangkok so we spend new year there.

    January will be spent exploring Thailand. A week in Laos probably early February, then a flight to India. A few weeks in northern India then in March into Nepal for the trekking season.

    Looks like a good plan but it will mean rushing around a few places. With 13 months of travelling I didn’t expect any rushing.

    Posted from Lijiang, Yunnan, China.


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      Sounds like a plan to me. Christmas and New Year sound good. xxxx

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      I take it you’ve already checked what’s open over Christmas? Be a shame if everywhere in Siem Reap is closed the whole week you’re there…

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      • a.smith

        The good news is they don’t celebrate Christmas, no holidays for them at the end of December. And also it’s peak season, very popular and busy. All recommendations are to book early.

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