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Resting in Kunming

We haven’t really don’t much since we arrived in Kunming. We also feel tired by the slightest physical activity. Most of the major roads have foot bridges over the road, getting up and over the bridge usually leaves us feeling pretty crappy. Either our muscles simply disintegrated after 10 days on trains or the altitude of Kunming (1,900m above sea level) is affecting us more than expected. But we have done plenty of walking at this altitude in Switzerland and not had any issues.

Today we have planned and booked most of the next week. Heading up to Lijiang then immediately up to Tiger Leaping Gorge for what looks like a pretty good walk. Then back to Lijiang for a few days, then down to Dali for a few days before heading down to Vietnam to Sa Pa then finally down to Ha Noi.

Tomorrow we have a 4 mile each way walk to Golden Temple Park. We have found that everything is well out of Kunming and public transport is quite poor. We wanted to go to the Stone Forest but the bus station is a couple hours from here then another couple of hours the the place, about 3-4 hours each way. The same goes for another interesting looking park. Getting to the bus station (which is located out of town) is just crazy.

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    Did you know that New Plymouth sister city in China is Kunming, how bizarre is that you are staying there and New Plymouth will be one of your final destination ‘s in New Zealand. ! Enjoying reading your blog xx

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