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Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

Rucksacks – an illusion

Since we started our travels our bags have caused us nothing but grief taking hours to pack and get sorted. I have finally found a way to pack Andrew’s bag so he doesn’t complain. He still managed to complain about his bag so I tried it on. No weight on the shoulders and barely pressing down on the legs in comparison to my bag which prevents me from breathing and also moving. The strange thing is that we can’t figure out why. I have a couple more items of clothes and my microfleece is in the bag and I have the camera, which is about 1.3kg or so but the difference in how the bags sit on our backs is huge. I am also carrying walking sandals so I guess that does amount to around 2kg more! Mine does not sit on my hips and digs in yet I could walk all day wearing Andrew’s bag. I packed both the bags myself as well and yet mine looks like a lump whereas Andrew’s looks nice and slim.

When I find the key to packing success I shall inform all you would-be travellers.

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    I’m just sat here at work wondering when your actually gonna leave Ripon and travel somewhere. Your both acually in a hippie commune somewhere drinking elderberry wine, making up stories and superimposing pictures of stuff! (using open source software of course)
    At least I’m not TOTALLY and UTTERLY JEALOUS!!!!!!!!

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    • a.smith

      Well, at least your not totally and utterly jealous 😛

      No elderflower wine here and the wine that is here is way above my daily budget. 😥

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