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Sa Pa: Day One

This is what Sa Pa looks like:


And this is all we could see today:

Thick fog. Also freezing cold and raining from time to time. It’s kind of our fault, this is the low season for a reason. Also, we have been looking at the weather for the last few days and knew that it was not good. Sa Pa gets 160 days of fog per year according to the wiki article and most of those probably occur during the winter.

So we have wandered around the town. Visited tea shops. Browsed the net a bit (Facebook access for the first time in over 3 weeks). And not really done much else.

Tomorrow we have a tour booked. Drive for a few miles then walk about 6 miles to another village. Look around the village. Then drive back. Sounds OK. If we had better visibility it would be great, but should be good even if we can only see very close up.

Another bonus is our room now has a heater. With it on full blast for 3 hours the room is starting to feel warmish.

Posted from Lào Cai, Lao Cai, Vietnam.

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