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Sa Pa: Tour of the Rice Terraces

There are numerous tours in Sa Pa to meet most people’s criteria from walking tours, homestays or motorbike/Jeep trips.

The tour we went on is similar to this  Tour.

We visited 3 ethnic groups including the Ta Van, Muong and Red Dzao. We were taken by minivan to the next village down to road then walked along the road until we reached the village after that, called Ta Van.




We had lunch. Simple meal of noodles with veg and topped with a fried egg.


Then continued walking up through paddy fields, along muddy footpaths and through a bamboo forest until we reached a waterfall.





We hired wellies this morning because we were unsure how muddy it was going to be and for the morning part we were regretting that decision. Stones and concrete paths were killing our feet in the thinnest wellies we had ever seen. But after lunch we quickly realised it had been a good idea as some parts of the path had some very deep mud.

The views today were just clear enough to see some of the valley. Far better than yesterday but nowhere near perfect, still at least we could see and we were able to get some good shots of the terraces. The weather was also a lot warmer than yesterday and more humid.


We were told there were snakes the size of the bamboo supports on the building (8 foot long) and weighing up to a kilo; and they were very dangerous. That scared a few of us! But we were then told “not today”. We never got a good answer as to why not today, maybe snakes don’t strike on a Sunday…

The tour had a total of 7 people. Us two, two French guys, two Portuguese guys and a guy traveling alone from China. A rather eclectic and interesting bunch of people. We were able to talk and joke easily with everyone and it has been a good day.

Mo our guide for the day (looking a little bored):

As usual all the pictures from this tour can be seen on our Flickr page.

Posted from Lao Cai, Vietnam.

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    Surely snakes rest on Sunday, it is a day of rest :-)??

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