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Saigon: A Truly Modern City

Saigon has a very different vibe to the rest of Vietnam. In fact it feels totally different to anywhere we have visited so far. The main reason for this is by how modern and western it feels.

Big wide streets, wide footpaths, parks dotted around the city and a real hustle and bustle feel.

The parks are filled with people, day and night, break dancing, yoga and playing games. There are fitness machines in the park free of charge to use when you want (when it’s about 10 degrees cooler I’ll consider using them).
There are huge hotels costing hundreds of dollars per night and equally large and flashy shopping centres. It’s one week to Christmas and the shopping centres are decked out in full Christmas livery, enough to rival London in scale and quality. Many tourists are flocking here not to shop but to have their photo taken in front of the oversized snowmen and giant reindeer, covered in fake snow and bright lights.

Most impressive of all are the neon lights on the buildings. Saigon could almost be a giant Christmas tree itself. Some streets are lined with lights and a number of the higher buildings have impressive light shows going on.

The food is also fantastic. This evening we had Greek food. At the end of the street is a fish & chip restaurant. Italian, American, French, everything is here. Bars galore. A bakery selling proper croissants and pain au chocolat is now our usual breakfast location.

This is a great city and we’re enjoying our time here.







Posted from Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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