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Should Snorers Be Segregated?

DISCLAIMER: This was written at 2am after listening to the guy above me snore at full volume for over 4hrs! It may be slightly angrier and aggressive than my usual standard…

I’ll try and keep this fair… Firstly, we should decide whether it’s the snorers fault that they snore. Well, yes it is their fault. It’s their body and therefore their fault. Secondly, we should look for blame. Again, it’s the snorers body and therefore they are solely and totally to blame!

Now we have proven fault and blame in the court of Andrew we should decide what needs to be done with snorers. There are far more non-snorers than snorers so the happiness of the many should outweigh that of the few. But, we live in a fair society (except China obviously, which ironically is where I’m writing this) and the happiness of the few is just as important as the happiness of the many. A dirty old sock in the mouth would make the many happy but not the few…

So what to do. Snorers always fall asleep first. In Batad in the Philippines the guy next door came to bed at about the same time as us (we could hear through the walls), but he fell asleep almost instantly and started snoring. He slept perfectly and we didn’t sleep at all. Maybe we could force snorers to not sleep until everyone else nearby has fallen asleep? Unfortunately this is impractical.

The only solution is forced segregation at bedtime! This way all the snorers can snore away to their hearts content while the rest of us sleep a quiet, peaceful sleep. This should especially be the case on sleeper trains. A carriage should be set aside for snorers. That way I wouldn’t have to lay here awake while the guy above me snores his head off at full volume. NOT EVEN PUNCHING HIS BUNK WAKES HIM!!!

Here’s Annemarie’s recording of him at 3am.

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