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Trans-Mongolian Railway -Out the window

Not really knowing what to expect is indeed positive. The windows been somewhat dirty exacerbated the gloom of rural Russia. Endless miles of trees interspersed with small townships seemingly with no road network and appearing to have no form of economic importance lined the route intermittantly. Why then are these towns here? As we continued through the Russian wilderness we began to awe at any signs of life, a small cabin, a factory and indeed any signs of humanity. We all know Russia is vast but time on the train reiterates this and the mundanity of daily life leads to reflections about the culture you live in, the similarities and mostly the differences.

There is no reading material on the train and our Chinese guard did not speak English. We were expecting announcements about time zones and also place locations but so far have received none. Luckily we had some information as our fellow cabin mates have the Lonely Planet book about the route. Maybe tomorrow I shall brush up on my knowledge about the world’s longest train journey.

Posted from Omsk, Omskaya oblast, Russia.

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