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Western Food

We have taken the train down to Dali to spend a few days wandering around here. Leaving the hostel at 7am was a struggle for me (it’s all about new experiences) but we were in Dali for 10:30am.

After finding the hostel and shower it’s lunch time and we’re both pretty hungry. And that brings is to the most difficult decision, deciding whether to eat from the Chinese menu or the western menu. We are both suffering withdrawal symptoms from western food (and cake) but coming all this way and then eating food from home seems a bit of a waste. But it tastes so good… I stuck to Chinese in the end, after all I did succumb to an English breakfast a couple of days ago. Annemarie caved in.

But we need to find a cake shop soon or else!

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  1. a.smith

    Annemarie’s chips with plenty of salt and a dollop of ketchup was very nice actually. And my Chinese dish was Cantonese and very similar to UK Chinese food. Sitting around waiting for Annemarie’s Apple pie.. Tempted with some New York Cheesecake…

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  2. Avatar

    Avoid the McSweet&Sour

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    • a.smith

      We saw a McDonalds selling rice based meals in Lijiang. Not sure why people would eat that there though… Maybe for the McFlurry for pudding.

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  3. a.smith

    After exploring the old town last night for restaurants we found that there are loads of bakeries and western style cafés and restaurants. Most places had at least a page dedicated to western foods. We guessed most Chinese attempts at western food would be a let down so decided to stick with the food they know best. Apart from the cakes below.

    Dali seems to be to China what the Lake District is to the UK. Loads to tourists here, mainly Chinese but quite a few ‘westerners’. I can’t tell whether the menus are for homesick travellers or for the Chinese to get a taste. Probably the former, if you wanted to show off western food I’d hope it’s done better than this.

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