AnneMarie and Andrew

Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

Altitude: 4,020m Climb: 520m Time: 2hr 10m Daily Cost: 4,960 rupees ($52/£31) This was going to be another short day. The altitude meant it would be a bad idea to go any further. High Camp is only 45 minutes after Thorong Phedi but it’s another 300m to climb, which would be a dangerous altitude gain. High Camp is only safe to sleep at if you’re coming from Letdar, which would have been dangerous to reach from Manang because that’s about an 800m gain. As far as I can tell the only people who do Manang – Letdar – High Camp are those who have been to Tilicho Lake or those who disregard the advice on altitude. Almost all the trekkers we met were in the second group. Altitude doesn’t affect everyone the same, so only a few people get ill, hence why people feel safe and ignore the advice! The night before the huge British group had received a prep talk from their guide. It was mostly the usual rubbish you get from guides, a list of figures of the mountains and heights (all guides do is set an itinerary and list mountain heights). But he’d announced the breakfast time. Armed with that information we made sure that we had breakfast after the group, giving them plenty of time to eat and get out. Why did I hate the group so much? Well, they were incredibly loud and because we could understand them it was harder to block out the words, every other word was LIKE, so nothing they said had any substance, just a bunch of likes strung out into a sentence, they said lots of stupid things, but mainly it was because groups (well the guide or leader) acts like the group owns the place! They tell people to move so the group can sit at the table, their food is the priority for the kitchen and all other trekkers have to wait, tables sometimes have reserved signs on them. This is why we either stay in lodges where there’s no groups or if we accidentally (or have no choice) end up on a lodge with a group we do our best to avoid them. They really are annoying! As we ate breakfast the group assembled outside and headed off up the path. The weather was in our favour yet again. Blue skies and the sun was shining, although the air temperature was pretty low. It had snowed late in the afternoon and well into the evening the day before, now in the morning sun it looked great. The path was a bit muddy from the melting...

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