AnneMarie and Andrew

Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

Altitude: 1,190m Climb: 1,010m Time: 3hr 30m + 1hr 30m breaks Daily Cost: 3,300 rupees ($34/£20) We ate breakfast and left the lodge at our usual time of 8:15am. Out of the village we crossed a suspension bridge and saw a sign pointing up the hill for Paudwar. We knew that route led to Khopra Danda but everyone had said Paudwar had no lodges and to climb 2,500m in a day seemed to far for us. We continued on the main route towards Ghorepani. The road went up a steep hillside and the sun was already hot. This was going to be a tough day! We followed the to road, then cut off the road onto a path which lead directly up the hillside. There was partial shade now and again, but mostly we were in the hot sun. We climbed for a while until we reached a section where the hillside turned to rock. The rock was bright white and looked like marble. It reflected the heat making this, which was the steepest and hardest part into the hottest part too. Up the steep stone side we went until we reached the road again. We’d been little more than an hour and we’d already climbed 400m. We were dripping with sweat and boiling. Luckily there was a tea shop on the corner. We got into the shade and ordered some drinks. Whilst waiting we stuck our heads under the tap to cool off. From here we could see up the valley where we would be walking for the rest of the day. The valley had a road linking the many villages together. Harry pointed out the village of Shika, it was about the furthest village we could see. That was where we would have lunch. At just before 10am we set off into the heat again. The path up the valley towards Ghorepani wasn’t too bad. We didn’t struggle with it or feel tired. It was just hot. Luckily the amount of shade did increase, which helped us a lot. We passed through many villages at a good pace and made good time to Shika. We found a lodge on the edge of the ridge looking down over the valley we’d just walked up. The view was pretty good even though the haze obscured most of the valley. We asked the owner about a route to Khopra Danda and to our delight he told us the exact route to get there. He told us that after a short walk we should follow the road left, then up to Swanta. That was not much over an hour from Shika...

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