AnneMarie and Andrew

Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

Altitude: 2,710m Climb: Descent: 700m Time: 1hr 30m Daily Cost: 2,400 rupees ($25/£15) That morning we left the lodge around 8:30am. The path led down into the forest. We were walking at a good pace and Harry was just behind us for most of the time. It was nice walking through the forest, but the rhododendrons were gone, so not as nice as the day before. The path was on a reasonable slope and the going was easy. We passed a few lodges on the way, filled with people having a break and a cup of tea. After only an hour and a half we reached some buildings and a proper paved footpath. It looked like Ghandruk but couldn’t be, we’d only walked for an hour and a half. Ghandruk was supposed to be two and a half hours. We asked Harry and he confirmed it was Ghandruk. Wow, we’d walked it in a little over half the time it was supposed to take. At the point the Swedish lady we’d met the day before caught up with us. We decided to go to the bakery in the village and get a snack. But it was only 10am and nothing was fresh. They hadn’t learnt that bakers should get up in the middle of the night and bake fresh for the day. But then again, demand wasn’t exactly high so why bother. We bought a drink then continued the walk down towards the road. From there we could hire a Jeep or get the bus back to Pokhara. It was a 45 minute walk to the start of the road. As we approached the bus was about to leave. We were surrounded by young guys trying to get us on the bus. I asked prices for a Jeep, they responded with statements like, “The Jeep is expensive, get the bus”. And, “Whole Jeep is 5,000 rupees”. They pressured us to get on the bus, every question or statement was responded to with something about the bus leaving and get on the bus. It was cheaper than the Jeep and was leaving immanently, so I cracked and got on the bus. It was 350 rupees each because I hadn’t really haggled the price. Stupid me! On the bus we were bouncing down the hill, getting thrown everywhere. It was really uncomfortable. The person next to Annemarie said they’d taken the bus there too and it had taken 4 hours! Whoa! The Jeep was about 90 minutes. I began to regret my decision and thought I should’ve got the Jeep. We could have got the Jeep for about 2,000 rupees, the...

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