AnneMarie and Andrew

Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

Tibet Tour: Day 1

Posted on May 17, 2014

We were told that the minivan would pick us up at 6:30am. We had asked the night before if 6am was too early for breakfast. The manager had assured us that was fine, just come down at 6:15am. After a pause he repeated this, but added, “maybe 6am”. On a usual day, at around 9-9:30am breakfast takes 45 minutes to be cooked and eaten, so we weren’t entirely convinced. I decided 5:50am I’d go down and get the process rolling. We woke at 5:45am after a bad nights sleep and put the last few things in the bags. We went downstairs at 5:55am and found the manager was awake and sat in the lobby. It took until 6:20am before the scrambled egg and toast was brought through. 25 minutes to make scrambled egg, toast and coffee! He then brought our cornflakes and milk. That must’ve taken about 30 seconds, why not do that first? Just as we were finishing at about 6:30am a guy came in looking for us. He said the rest of the group were eating breakfast at a nearby cafe (we hadn’t been told about breakfast) and that as we’d already eaten we’ll be picked up from the hotel once everyone had eaten. That would be at about 7am. Dammit, we could’ve slept a bit longer and not rushed our breakfast. We finished eating, got our bags and sat in the lobby reading the newspaper. At 7am two men arrived on motorbikes. They had come to collect us and take us to the cafe where the rest of the group was. We had a huge rucksack each (we bought a lot extra equipment in Nepal which we wanted for Tibet and we had souvenirs weighing quite a bit), plus a day sack to be kept with us containing money, passports, books, phones, etc. Then we had a canvas bag with bottles of water in (it was 37°c outside, sitting in a minivan all day would be hot). We were told to get on the back of the bikes with all these bags. We argued, can’t we walk? The guy responded it was a 10 minute walk, or 2 minutes on the bike. They pressured us until we agreed. Annemarie got on one bike with her rucksack and the guy rode off. I had the rucksack on my back, the day sack on my front and I wrapped the canvas straps around my hand as best I could and held on to the handle. This was the first time I’ve ever been a passenger on a motorbike (except a couple of minutes letting Annemarie ride slowly on...

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