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Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

Trans-Mongolian Railway Day 1

Posted on Nov 5, 2013

Setting off from Yaroslavsky Station from platform 1 at 9.35pm we arrived in our four berth cabin. The cabin has 2 sets of turquoise beds with the lower bunk being used as seats during the day. The carriage floor has a blue carpet throughout useful to dry your feet as you exit the toilet, when it leaks all over. There is a small table underneath the window at the end of the cabin and storage space exists under the lower bunk as well as above the door. Individual reading lights exist but not all were working. Bedding consists of a long thin woollen blanket to lay on, 2 sheets, a pillow case and another blanket. The heating comes on when the guard turns it on so the temperature is at his whim. This meant that our first night felt like going to sleep in a sauna; hot and sleeping on a wooden bench! At the end of the carriage there is a hot water boiler heated by coal. Ensure you bring a heat proof cup for tea etc as well as noodles. Someone also brought porridge for breakfast. The guard has his own cabin and is there to keep the toilets to a standard that allows you to do what you need quickly. There are two toilets in each carriage but one was closed in ours presumably to allow the guard to have his own separate washing area. The toilet opens directly onto the line so it cannot be used when you are stopped at the station. Our toilet leaked all over the floor so each visit was interesting. Make sure you bring toilet roll, hand sanitiser and liquid soap. There are no showers and the hot water for the sink is a trickle. The best you can hope for is to wash using wet wipes or if you are lucky you may be in a cabin near a hand shower…this may have been first class. All in all it is an experience. Posted from Perm, Perm Krai,...

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