AnneMarie and Andrew

Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

Chiang Mai: Bike & Hike

Posted on Jan 18, 2014

Finding good hiking in Thailand is proving to be quite difficult. It is either a big, expensive, multi-day, group tour or a one day hike which is only a few hours walking and then padded with trips to ethnic villages where hikers can stare at ‘different’ people, usually elephant rides are added on, etc. We managed to find a company which did do proper full day hiking but at £40+ that made us more determined to find routes...

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Chiang Mai: Hike & Bike

Posted on Jan 13, 2014

There is one annoying thing about Chiang Mai, and Thailand as a whole. You can’t just go for a hike on your own. A hike is usually a multi day activity which you have to book, possibly a private tour but usually in a group. Single day treks will usually consist of maybe a couple of hours walking and then visit an elephant sanctuary, do some rafting and visit a hill tribe or two. Almost all the hikes do the same stuff. We finally...

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Hoi An: Bike Ride

Posted on Dec 14, 2013

Hoi An isn’t far from the coast, only a mile or so. Not surprising considering Hoi An was once one of the most important trading ports in south east Asia. In the morning we wandered around Hoi An seeing the ‘ancient’ houses, meeting places and temples but in the afternoon we hired a bicycle each (95p in total) and decided to head for the sea. The river splits a lot when it nears the sea so we had to take a bit of a...

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