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Chinese driving and walking

Posted on Nov 22, 2013

There is a strange contrast in China between people driving and people walking. When driving most Chinese drivers are lunatics. No regard to laws or safety. They will overtake on blind corners and brows of hills and overtake into oncoming traffic. They just pull out in front of other vehicles and just drive onto roundabouts expecting any vehicle already on the roundabout to give way. In cities they swerve across lanes and cut each other up. Basically, they will do anything possible to get ahead of each other and get to their destination ASAP. But when walking they are the exact opposite. They take tiny steps, very slowly, resulting in a pace a snail could probably match. They stop frequently and the rest of the crowd just seems to accept this also also stop, or go around VERY slowly. I have no idea why the behavior between driving and waking is so different. Maybe everyone gained enough time from driving like a psycho so that they can walk slowly… Posted from Lijiang, Yunnan,...

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