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Kanchanaburi: Erawan Waterfall

Posted on Feb 3, 2014

In our current hotel the internet is too slow for me to add pictures to this post. I’ll do that at the next hotel which has a decent internet connection. Our last day in Kanchanaburi and we have planned to go to Erawan Waterfall. It is actually a series of waterfalls made up of 7 major falls and many smaller falls. Many guides describe the falls as ‘the most beautiful waterfall in Thailand’. The falls are 60km from Kanchanaburi so we had the moped again. The ride was incredibly windy, although there wasn’t the slightest breeze when we were stopped, by the time we were moving at about 60-70kph the wind was pushing back so hard my back ached from having to resist it. I don’t know why it got so windy, we’ve rode many miles at these speeds many times before and not experienced that strength of wind resistance. Anyway, it meant the journey was a bit less comfortable and took a bit longer than expected. But eventually we arrived. The trail starts by following a slow wide stream which looks pretty nice: And has monkeys swinging around in the trees lining the stream: But when we reached the first waterfall we were shocked by the sight. The water was filled with Russians and they were climbing all over the waterfall. One crazy guy was slowly walking along the rocky ledge towards the middle of the waterfall. How he didn’t slip and fall over the edge of the waterfall must be more luck than skill, but he reached the center and it was then that the Thai security decided to intervene. Lots of whistle blowing and hand gestures to make the guy turn around. This proved a tricky feat and rather than make the risky journey back to the banks the guy took a leap straight off the waterfall. He got a stern warning from the guard for that. This pretty much sums up the whole of the waterfalls. Every pool under the falls was filled with Russians and many more were climbing up, sliding down and jumping on every section of almost every waterfall. Kanchanaburi isn’t a large place plus it’s quite easy to spot the different nationalities, but we hadn’t seen any Russians in Kanchanaburi. So where they all came from is a mystery (our guess is bus tours from Bangkok but that’s a 3-4 hour bus journey). The Russians had no consideration for anyone else or the rules, they just wanted to get in the water and slide over some waterfalls. The path from the first cascade to the seventh is about a mile long....

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