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Bollywood Extras

Posted on May 14, 2014

In previous days the streets of Thamel had been closed and crowds had gathered as Bollywood came to the city. We asked the crowds about the actor and they responded excitedly and enquired if we also watched Bollywood. Having explained we had never heard of the actor we continued wandering. The next day we went to Bhaktapur and as we were about to leave we stumbled on crowds again. This time the Bollywood film crew had come to the Royal City. People were cheering as, we assume, the actor was either having a drink at the chain Himalaya Java or was being filmed at the cafe. Either way we wandered away from the blocked square to enjoy a drink. After taking a long rest in a cafe we went back onto the streets to find the crowds had now moved to Durbar Sqaure. We made our way around the edge of the impenetrable crowd and found a taxi driver willing to take us back to Kathmandu for a reasonable price. It was later that evening that we spotted Madeline. We had previously met her trekking Annapurna Circuit. We stopped to say ‘Hello’ and asked about the rest of the trek. We then asked if she had heard about the big Bollywood actor in town. She told us that she had actually being an extra for the last two days. She explained that the volunteer group she was with had some connection with the production team and asked for extras. She then was somehow roped willingly or unwillingly into recruiting people. She enquired if we around tomorrow and whether we’d be interested. I wasn’t sure about this but surprisingly Andrew seemed to be. You even got paid! Not knowing what on earth to expect we filled in our details and arranged to be collected the next day. That evening I did some research to find out about this actor. I discovered that this was the 4th highest paid actor in Bollywood with 4.7million followers on twitter. Akshay Kumar is known for his action films and has starred in over 125 films in his career. The film itself is known as ‘Baby’, we assume this was for production only and is a working title. The next day we arrived at the specified location on time and waited. We tried to work out if any of the other people in the area were also waiting. We spotted two girls and decided they were also there for filming. After a 15minute wait we were rung by Madeline who said they were trying to get someone to collect us and also to ask if...

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