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How do we find these people?

Posted on Mar 16, 2014

After the horrendous bus journey to Syabrubesi we decided that there was no way – absolutely no way – that we were taking that bus back to Kathmandu. That left us with three options, get the Super Express Bus, a tourist bus which costs a bit more but doesn’t stop (so no locals and no stopping in every village). The second option was to find the local Jeep, in reality a 4×4 which drives the route and picks people up and drops them off along the way, the guides we spoke to knew about the Jeep but didn’t know foreigner prices or even if we’d be able to get on. The last option was to hire a Jeep, either hire one from Syabrubesi or grab one which had just brought some trekkers to Syabrubesi and was about to head back to Kathmandu. We had made good time and we were in Syabrubesi just after midday. Our first port of call was the bus ticket counter. It was closed. A guy told us that the next day was a holy day and there would be no buses. We could buy tickets tomorrow for the day after. The hotel was $5/night, the porter was $15/day (the next day was the last of 10 days we’d paid for, the day after would be an extra $15) and food there was about $7/ meal. So an afternoon and a full day would cost us around $70, not to mention we would lose two days in which we could be in Kathmandu getting ready for Annapurna. That made the Jeep a viable option. The prices we had heard and read about were in the $120 to $140 range. Stupidly high prices to drive about 130km. We went into the hotel we had stayed in the night before we started the trek and asked about a Jeep. They quoted $120, predictably high. We decided to hold back getting a room and instead ordered some food. That way we could sit out front in the sun and watch and wait for the Jeeps bringing people from Kathmandu to arrive. To cut a long story short a couple of Jeeps (Toyota Landcruiser actually) arrived just as we started eating. I went down to one of them and asked for a price. $120 was the predictable answer. Would he take $60? No, how about $80? I was joined by a Dutch guy who was also looking for a ride back to Kathmandu. At this point he announced that he wasn’t going to bother today, too tired from the trek and was going to spend the day resting and...

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