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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Posted on Dec 29, 2013

When we first arrived in Siem Reap we researched how to get to Bangkok. We read about the main bus company which goes as far as the Cambodian border, then a short walk through the border and through the Thai side to meet a minibus on the other side. We read about the bus storage doors not been locked and bags getting stolen. We read about fake border police and them charging for a visa then disappearing. We read about the minibus on the other side not turning up and leaving tourists stuck at the border town. There were so many bad things about this company that we decided no matter what we would not travel with them. A bit more searching and we found a new bus company which is now operating a direct bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok, called Nattakan. We went out to find their office and check on availability and prices. It was a bit steep at $28 each considering the bad bus is about $10 each, but we can afford it and we’re willing to pay that for convenience and a hassle free journey. We didn’t know the date we would be leaving Siem Reap because we had two parcels coming from the UK, but we left the office happy in the knowledge that we book 1 day in advance and we can get the best bus around. Free WiFi, snacks and lunch included. Our parcel arrived on the 27th (9 days from the UK to Cambodia) which meant we could stick to the schedule we had hoped for. We walked straight to the bus ticket office from the post office to get our tickets for the 28th to Bangkok. None available! 29? None available! Nothing till the 30th, which would mean two days in Siem Reap with almost nothing to do, sounds like a waste to us so we left the ticket office. We went to a hostel which we’d visited a few days ago, the woman in there had told us about a direct minibus to Bangkok for about $24 each. That was full too, and the next day. It seems everyone had the same idea as us and wanted to get to Bangkok (or at least to Thailand) for the new year. So we went back to our hotel, which also had tickets and stuff. We asked about the direct bus, the guy behind reception said yes he knew which one he would ring and see if we could get a seat. He rang, two seats available the next day, $22 each. “It is the direct bus?” We asked him...

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