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Annapurna Sanctuary & Poon Hill

Annapurna Sanctuary & Poon Hill

Posted on Apr 7, 2014

Day 1: Naya Pul to Ulleri Altitude: 1,000m Climb: 1,080m Time: 4h45m  + 75 minute lunch We had arranged with the company that supplied our porter guide to send a taxi at 8am and take us from the hotel to the bus station in Pokhara, this allowed us to have breakfast at a reasonable hour. It was a short taxi ride to the bus station in Pokhara, where Prem (our porter) and I bought the tickets to Naya Pul. As soon as we left Annemarie alone with the bags she was mobbed by sellers, but that’s just how things work in Asia. A single foreign woman is a prime target for anyone selling anything. We had been dreading the local bus to Naya Pul after our last experience with a local bus (from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi). That bus had been extremely crowded, filled with diesel containers, had huge sacks of anything from cement mix to rice in the aisle and even had a woman throwing up for over an hour (filling quite a few sick bags). When the bus pulled into the station all the locals surged forward to get their bags on the roof then crush into the ancient wreck. As we stood waiting for the crush to end we had the pleasure of watching a guy open his window and spit, almost none stop for over a minute. How he had that much spit to get rid of is unknown to me, but the sight and sound is pretty unpleasant. The bus wasn’t nearly as bad as we’d been dreading. The seats were clean and almost everyone had a seat. But, within a few minutes we were stopping every few hundred metres and picking up more and more people and the bus was getting a lot more cramped. Annemarie bore the brunt of the crush this time as she had the aisle seat. A woman trying first to lean on Annemarie and then just sat on her. A few shoves and she got the message. Another guy was holding onto a handle to steady himself, but he picked a place so his arm was basically on Annemarie’s head yet had plenty of room around him. He kept his arm there for over 30 minutes. Personal space in Nepal is an unknown concept. Apart from these two issues the only remaining problem was a very strong smell of concentrated piss! From the overhead shelves we could see something dripping (onto someone’s back two rows in front of us) and the smell of piss was overwhelming. We soon discovered there was a goat on the roof (again!) and it...

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