AnneMarie and Andrew

Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

Many people mock the internet and the need for internet access whilst travelling. They have a point I suppose. Do we really need to be in contact on Facebook, by email, reading the news etc constantly. Always in contact with home takes away the edge from travelling. But on the other hand information is vital for travelling. We need train times and prices, hotel booking, maps, weather information, activities in an area and so many other things. This is a recent phenomenon, just a decade ago people would have gone out and seen the world armed with little more than a Lonely Planet guide. You go where it says, stay either where it recommends or nearby and see the sights it recommends. Vague bus and train information is provided as are some basic maps. Is that more fun or less than what we have now? I don’t know, I like information. I need good information to make a good decision. Maybe this is just me. If I turn up in a random town or village and have to spend the night in a dump, that would be annoying, others might find that fun or an experience and make the most of it. We had very bad internet access in China, especially in Qingdao when we had to decide where to go on Japan. We were arriving in Shimonoseki in the south of Japan and had to plan a route. I found an amazing looking island off the south of Japan. It had hiking trails, ancient forests, beaches with turtles laying eggs. It looked perfect from the little we could find out. We just managed to stay connected long enough to book a hotel on the island of Yakushima. We arrived in Japan and bought the train tickets to Kagoshima, ready to board the ferry to the island the next morning. With good internet we started to plan our stay in more detail. This was when we found out the size of the island, far larger than we’d thought it was. We also found out how few buses there are. So taking a bus was out of the question (first bus gets us at the start of a hike at 10:40am and the last bus is around 3pm). Taxis would burn our cash too fast plus couldn’t come and pick us up (middle of nowhere, no English). Everything we read said you need a car. Even the turtles would probably need an overnight stay at the other side of the island (or pay an absolute fortune for a guide and transport). In addition four days of torrential rain was heading...

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Siem Reap: Slow Internet

Posted on Dec 23, 2013

This is the best hotel we have stayed in on the trip so far, that’s 8 weeks of travelling now. It is also one of the most expensive as we decided to treat ourselves over Christmas. But, it has the worst internet connection we have experienced since we were up in the mountains of China in Tiger Leaping Gorge. What makes the poor internet worse is that we expect a number of video calls to the UK and New Zealand on Christmas day. This rubbish internet may make that tricky or even impossible. Grrrrr. Posted from Siem Reap, Siem Reap,...

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