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Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek

Posted on Mar 20, 2014

This is the description of the trek in the Langtang Valley. For our equipment see the equipment page plus the extras we bought in Kathmandu. For costs on the trek see the costs page. Day 1: Syabrubesi to Lama Hotel Altitude: 1,470m Climb: 1,000m Time: 5hrs walking + 1hr lunch We eagerly awoke for our first day of trekking in the Langtang valley, ready for breakfast at 7:30, as we’d agreed with Sumish (our porter for the week). A quick breakfast later (plus the final packing of the bag) and we were ready to go. In the morning air it was cold and we had our fleece and waterproof coats on. Within 2 minutes of setting off the sun was on us and we were feeling hot already. A couple of minutes later and we had to stop, it was just too hot in the sun to keep walking. We both took off our coats and fleeces and we were in our t-shirts already. Although we didn’t yet know it that was a pretty typical experience on this trek, in the sun it’s hot, in the shade it’s freezing, the wind is cold in the sun or shade. That’s the strange combination of the latitude resulting in a very strong sun but the altitude creating very cold air temperatures, and everyone hoping for a good balance. This trek starts with a negative vibe, I placed the water bottle (which we got for free) on the ground in the shade when I took off my coat and I forgot it. I realised about 1 minute down the road and ran back for it, but it had already been stolen! Oops. Luckily the bottle was free and we had 3L each in our hydration sacks but it’s still annoying and that bottle would have been useful at times. On the edge of Syabrubesi we went through the first checkpoint and our names and details were logged, then it was steep downhill to the first  suspension bridge. This was our first meeting with a Dutch couple we would keep on meeting up with over the next week. Over the bridge it was a steep climb back up the opposite hillside and into the old village of Syabrubesi. Through the village and at the other side we had another suspension bridge to cross. Our porter said about taking the path on the same side but my map showed the path as over the bridge and along the other side of the river, so we crossed the bridge. That turned out to be not such a good idea. Although this was the main path...

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