AnneMarie and Andrew

Annemarie and Andrew – Trekking Asia

Altitude: 3,470m Climb: 70m + 1,100m Time: 15m + 7hr breaks Daily Cost: Combined with next day We woke early and decided we’d made a mistake staying in this lodge and that we should pack our stuff up and leave to go to Manang straight after breakfast. We had planned to go to the ice lake from Bragha because we had read the trail was much easier from there, rather than trying to follow the trail from Manang. Plus the trail from Manang was supposedly steeper and more difficult. The weather had also confused things more because there was now a layer of snow on the ground, which made going to the ice lake seem doubtful. The ice lake is at 4,600m above sea level and would be a 4hr and 1,100m climb from here, so whatever weather was in Bragha would probably be worse at the lake. I left the lodge immediately after eating. The aim was to get a room arranged and also tell Marco not to walk back down and meet us. This plan failed about one minute after I left Bragha I met Marco. We decided we’d all go to Manang to the lodge Marco had stayed in the night before. It sounded quite nice. From there we would plan the rest of the day. The walk to Manang was short and we quickly got a room (the lodge had three floors and probably 30 rooms and we ended up in the room next to Marco). We asked Harry what it would be like going to the ice lake and he said it was doable. I quickly ordered a club sandwich to take away and then we were ready for our outing. We walked across a few fields and the floor of a valley, then climbed steeply up the side of the valley. The snow was on the bushes but the path was mostly clear. We thought the edge of the valley was bad, but it got worse as we climbed up the steep slope leading into the unknown. We stopped a couple of times to get our breath back and allow our heart rate to get back to normal, but for the majority of the time we just plodded on slowly, onwards and upwards. The sun had been shining at the bottom but after a couple of hours the clouds were now blocking the sun, but the effort of the uphill climbing kept us hot. By now the path had disappeared under the snow and we didn’t know where the route up was. Harry thought he knew but it soon became obvious that he...

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