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Chiang Mai: Just can’t leave

Posted on Jan 13, 2014

When we arrived in Chiang Mai we had 4 nights booked in a pretty expensive hotel which turned out to be average at best. But, with so many tours and activities in the area we decided to stay a few more nights, and booked 2 nights at another hostel. We then kept finding yet more activities we wanted to do and asked to extend our stay by another 2 nights, but they were full. So we booked 2 nights at our 3rd hotel in Chiang Mai. When we arrived we asked to add another night to that initial booking. We are now approaching our 2nd night here and we have extended our stay by another 2 nights. This is the longest we have stayed anywhere on this trip, actually this is the longest we have stayed anywhere on any holiday we have been on together. We are used to constantly been on the move and travelling from place to place; even on a 2 week holiday. Our second longest stay in one place was a week (once in a chalet in Switzerland and once in a cottage in the lake district). I guess that speaks for itself in terms of the number of things to do around here and also of how much we are liking Chiang Mai. We now plan to leave on Saturday. Let’s see what happens… Posted from Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai,...

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