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6 Months of Travelling: What Next?

Posted on Apr 30, 2014

Today we have been backpacking for 6 months! It doesn’t feel like 6 months and still it feels totally normal to go from city to city, hotel to hotel, constantly on the move. No work, no responsibilities, no need to do anything. Everything is our choice. Of the last 6 months, 2 have been spent in Nepal. We spent 5 weeks in Thailand and thought that was a long time, tomorrow will mark 9 weeks in Nepal! In fact, we’ve spent...

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At the end of December, 3 months ago, we were given a piece of advice by a couple who had travelled around the world many years ago. They said that at some point we would have to take a break, in effect a holiday from travelling. They said that if we didn’t take a break would we get tired and bored of travelling. Well, we have now reached that point. We have been travelling for five full months (152 days) and we’ve covered...

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Happy Four Months of Travelling

Posted on Mar 2, 2014

Our first day in Nepal also marked four full months of travelling. During those 4 months we have seen a bit of China,  travelled the length of Vietnam, a week through Cambodia, over a month in Thailand and almost a month in the Philippines. With the scenery and cityscapes changing around us every week or so we are now used to leaving a place just as we get to know it. Yet so far this constant change has not made us travel weary. It...

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