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Hoi An: Time to Pause

Hoi An: Time to Pause

Posted on Dec 13, 2013

We took the bus from Hue to Hoi An and it’s easy to tell that this is a top tourist destination. The bus was full to the point that they added little plastic chairs in the aisle to get extra passengers on. This was a tourist bus so everyone was western. The bus journey was OK as a compromise; the train only goes to Da Nang then we would have had to get the bus anyway. A 4 hour bus ride seemed fine and it hadn’t cost much either. It left only 30 minutes late and mostly worked. The suspension was knackered, a slight bounce would result in the back of the bus bouncing up and down for about 20 seconds. The engine was blowing black smoke and had no power, 20 mph on most roads and half that on slopes. The clutch really didn’t want to accept any gear and resulted in lots of grinding. And coming down the hills was a bad burning smell, the brakes obviously didn’t like overuse. (In Vietnam everyone seems to drive in as high a gear as possible, which means no power up hills, brakes on fire down hills, poor acceleration and lots of juddering. No idea why). Half way to Hoi An the bus pulled over and everyone was ordered off, the bus then drove away with all our bags on it to be repaired. Not sure which part was broken and when they brought it back I don’t know which part had been fixed either… I had a cold which was getting worse by the minute, so we ate immediately after checking in to the hotel then I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed. I got up to eat in the evening and we found an OK restaurant. Then back to bed. This morning I was woken to huge gut wrenching pain which resulted in a few trips to the toilet. This then got worse and a few sips of water had me dashing to the toilet again, until my stomach had nothing left. The rest of my afternoon was spent in bed. Annemarie on the other hand went out and wandered around Hoi An. She succumbed to the heat and humidity after a few hours and came back to the hotel to swim and cool off. The air con in our room is set to 23 and it feels cold compared to outside. By about 6pm I was feeling a little better so showered then went out to find food. To be safe I had a vegetarian rice dish, whilst Annemarie had a beef dish. This was...

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