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Posted on Jul 2, 2014

As the third largest country (according to some definitions) and the most populous in the world, as well as having the 2nd largest economy in the world you’d expect China to be busy. It was! There are people everywhere in China and there is construction happening all over. Cities are generally clean with many people employed as cleaners by the government. There is a police presence where ever you go, not that they do anything. Being a police officer is seen as a good job, so much so that you buy your way in as even though the salary is low the bribes are not. China is a police state, one in plain sight. Whereas in Nazi Germany and under the Stasi regimes of Communist Europe the secret police were secret, in the sense they didn’t wear a uniform. The fear and paranoia stemmed from the fact that you didn’t know who was a member of the government and you didn’t know who’d be talking to who. China has taken a different approach. The official line is that they exist to prevent extremists whereas the reality is they create an omnipotent government. The state has eyes and ears everywhere. Although most of the police do not do anything, the uniform of the government is in your face, and the x-ray machines also exist to seem as if they are protecting the people. I suppose to some extent they may be but when you enter a museum you don’t expect to be frisked, patted down and have to show a passport just to look at a porcelain jug! The state of perpetual fear plus the constant stream of propaganda has created an apathetic nation. Why stand up if you get arrested and disappear plus why say anything when the economy is growing? History proves that people become more extreme in their views when there is an economic downturn, Nazi Germany being a prime example and the UK’s recent recession saw many people switching to the ‘right’. People are fickle indeed. The Chinese economy has been growing since the 1980s when China in effect became a Capitalist nation. The reforms of Mao were undone and yet he is still used to represent the state despite none of his policies and ideas being enacted. He banned gardens and started the cultural revolution, which destroyed Chinese heritage because he though people were to blasé. Now the government restores and rebuilds their heritage and encourages visits to gardens. Despite this, I spoke to a girl about China. She was not happy with the Chinese government and wished that she could vote for a government...

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